Is the cost of adopting DevOps crossing your estimated budget?

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July 26, 2022

In today's era where everything is digital, evolving and improving for this digital transformation is not only a necessity but also a compulsion. In this journey of existence to evolution, DevOps helps us by enabling faster development of new ideas and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

In the pursuit of adopting DevOps, we start to spend a lot of money in the process. Sometimes we don't even know we are paying more we start realizing when it approaches our estimated budget.

Following are the few best practices that teams can implement or keep in mind to optimize the cost


If it is implemented over the cloud then the one approach that works, is to only pay for what you need.

You’re wasting a lot of money if you’re:

  • using larger instances than what you need.
  • running your instances 24/7 instead of shutting them down when you’re not using them.
  • not implementing the optimal backup policies.
  • not using cloud recommendations for resource monitoring.


Be cautious about data transfer charges. You can save money by launching services in the same availability zone of a region. Data out from cloud provider costs, control that. Control the retention policy and periodically purge what you don’t need.


Make the right decision to choose the right cloud provider, right service, and right tools because sometimes wrong choices lead to huge costs.


Track expenses diligently. Check which expenses on which services are important manage variable costs and compare the costs with other customers who are already using it.


Train your teams for the better utilization of the provisioned resources for adopting DevOps.

Out of these 5 which one do you think is the most relevant area to look into on high priority? Please share your comments or ask questions about any specific point.

Also If you are using DevOps in your organization let's talk and discuss the strategies for cost optimization, because we at ClimsTech believe in optimization, not in accommodation.

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